Monday, 6 April 2015

The preface and the epilogue are like the bread of the story. Everything in between is the meat. By the end of it all you'll have enjoyed a wonderful, fulfilling sandwich that'll bring nourishment to your soul.

Originally, I was going to write a story about a homeless man who finds a way (somehow) to control the weather and through his efforts to do this he'd become enlightened to the realization that despite what other people said, God truly was real.

The characters of the Seven Angels, who're like superheroes, was going to be a different story entirely but when I put it all together, it worked so much better as one complete novel.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Take a step into the light of God’s glory. When a construction worker, Jasper, is involved in a workplace accident that renders him blind, he begins a journey, seeing more than he could ever dream possible. After a near death experience, Jasper is granted a second chance at life. Awakening in a hospital, he crosses paths with a company of Seven divine Angels. Diagnosed to have brain damage, Jasper becomes ensnared in spiritual warfare between Angels and Demons.
A specific band of Demons, The Insufferable Six, try to thwart the good efforts of the Seven Angels at every turn, but can Jasper be the element to tip the balance for good or evil? Find out how Seven Celestial friends help to lead a blind man to prove his worth to God and ultimately save the planet earth from its utter demise.
May this story stir the heart of every reader and inspire him or her to lift their attention skyward in this non-stop action adventure. Open your wings and soar into the pages of this haloed epic narrative.

We all need to find that guiding light in our lives. For Jasper, his guiding light is found in Seven heroic Angels from Heaven. You'll never guess where they lead Jasper. This is a story with many voices and situations you'll be able to relate to.

Here's an offer you can't refuse. Experience Heaven and all of the wonderful Angels there, but you're bound to bump into some Demons along the way and take a wrong turn straight to Hell. Things get pretty hot in this novel, 'Jasper and the Shelter of Angels,' but when the adventure comes to an end, you'll be glad you where here for the ride.